Designer Nigeria Ealey, Esaie Jean-Simon, Victor James

Homebase Brooklyn, New York

Tier believes that “Art Never Dies”. What’s most important is the impact you leave on Earth; your impact is your art. What will you be known for? What did you accomplish? What change have you made?

TIER is a New York City based Creative and Fashion brand founded by Brooklyn-natives Nigeria Ealey, Esaie Jean-Simon and Victor James.

Everything comes back around. Holding onto our roots, holding onto the styles that we really admire is more than nostalgia; those moments guide us.

Victor James

Tier’s sole purpose is to scale this impact by fusing design and culture with the lifestyle of everyday wear. It is important for them to share our stories and inspirations through our garments as a collective and as individuals.

They design to create memorable moments and challenge artistic interpretation. When it comes to fashion, comfort is their standard while implementing functional and future-forward thinking.