Shakira Javonni

Designer Shakira Jackson

Homebase Queens, New York

Drawing inspiration from her immediate environment and “people watching” Shakira is known for demonstrating her sartorial individuality by utilizing her creative foundation of garment construction, pattern-making, tailoring and most recently chainstitch embroidery.

Shakira Jackson is the founder and designer of Shakira Javonni.

I want to play my part in really pushing everyone to be themselves.

Shakira Javonni

Her belief in sustainability has become central to her creative process. “With fashion being the second most polluting industry on Earth, I hope to impact the footprint any way possible”. By utilizing already existing garments over buying new garments she was able to vastly reduce the amount of waste from her process.

Second to sustainability Jackson draws on the notion of artistic discovery.

By merging textures, and being malleable with fit, she is able to make bespoke one of one garments that encourage personal style and individuality. “I realized that people respond to me just doing my own thing, and not necessarily creating things that I think that they may like.”

Heavily committed to embracing and celebrating the culture, she desires to make an impact by continuing to create pieces that empower the Black imagination, the freedom of self-expression all while supporting greater unity within the community.