Ghetto Gastro

Designer Jon Gray, Lester Walker, Pierre Serrao

Homebase The Bronx, New York

The Bronx is part of the team’s lifeblood, and every piece of the Ghetto Gastro universe is meant to uplift and celebrate the borough, and other places like it, as an unsung driver of global culture.

The collective is defining their own lane that transcends food, art, music, fashion, and design.

Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao, and Lester Walker are the Bronx-born creative collective known as Ghetto Gastro.

We don’t claim to be anything that we're not, we're sticking to our roots and just remain who we are, loyal to the soil.

Jon Gray

Since inception in 2012, the collective’s work to explore global food traditions through the lens of the African diaspora has led to its masterminding events for fashion designers, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, and organizations, including Virgil Abloh, Rick Owens, Naomi Campbell, the Serpentine Galleries, the Museum of Modern Art, and many more.

After nearly a decade of breaking down boundaries between cultures and cuisines, Ghetto Gastro is making 2020 a marquee year— releasing a custom line of kitchen appliances, seasonings, and kitchenware, producing a forthcoming television series, and continuing to bring The Bronx to the world and the world to The Bronx.