Designer Michael & Nicole Nicholas

Homebase Flatbush, New York

The phrase is the pulse of the brand’s attitude which exudes a sense of assurance, justification of one’s lifestyle and the individual’s daily approach to life.

Inspired by the cultural expressions and innovation present in Flatbush, Brooklyn— Michael Nicholas fuses his passion for design with his cultural history, using streetwear as a vehicle for tangible educational messaging.

DIEM is a lifestyle brand that embodies the phrase “Does It Even Matter.”

We've really been trying to motivate, educate and stimulate the masses— get them to start realizing our greatness and history with what they wear.

Nicole Nicholas

The brand’s core belief, aligned with their mission to empower through storytelling, is a continual investment in community and conversation.

Michael Nicholas resurfaces images of timeless, legendary figures such as Arthur Ashe and Peter Toshe, with heavily-scaled messaged campaigns that act as a call-to-action to those wearing the garments and for those who witness at a distance.

“You’ve got to create a tunnel vision mentality. To focus on the signal and ignore the noise.”

Mike with his wife and business partner Nicole, look forward to further innovating and expanding the potential of streetwear as a way of positively impacting a community with accessible, visceral word and image.