Designer Reuben Reuel

Homebase Jersey City, New Jersey

A native of Virginia Beach, VA with ancestry from West Africa, Reuel’s designs take inspiration from the past, present, and future to create a universal language all its own.

Reuben Reuel is the Designer and Creative Director of DEMESTIK.

Blackness - whether in creative, fashion, or art - we’re not a moment, we are here.

Reuben Reuel

Through a timeless-first focus, he pulls inspiration from his own cultural experiences and imagination merged with places unknown.

His versatile and effortlessly chic designs encourage audiences to discover the truth of self-love and happiness; garments that lift your confidence and welcome grace from both yourself and the real world.

“I think about the past, present and future all simultaneously as one. A new idea can live simultaneously within different timeframes.” Reuben Reuel believes how you feel in this life is significant. That just like within the design process— you must create a foundation with purpose and intent to find an authentic spirit of what’s true.