Barriers Worldwide

Designer Steven Barter, Jeff Jean-Jacques

Homebase Valley Stream, New York

Hailing from Valley Stream, NY— Steven Barter, pulls inspiration from almost every facet of his life.

Examining the history of the African-American community is his primary focus, but he also attributes Barriers’ growth to his continual exploration of lesser known cultural revolutionaries and moments of change.

Steven Barter is the Founder & Principal Designer of Barriers Worldwide. Jeff Jean-Jacques leads Operations.

We want the world to understand the people on our clothes are fighting for a reason.

Steven Barter

His design philosophy evolves as he ‘relearns on the daily’ via his collaborators and their energy – as he channels it to help him evolve the future of the brand. In doing so, he hopes Barriers continues to inspire, energize, inform and grow as a creative hub for kids of all backgrounds.

An unshakable drive has fueled his personal and professional growth, allowing Barter to refine his craft. “This platform is only going to get bigger. And it’s only going to put that much more pressure on us to continue to educate.”

Barriers is down to go through the challenges and is here to take risks. Freedom starts there.